Private Lessons

 Private lessons, or one-on-one, is a great way to get instruction and also learn at an accelerated pace.

  If you are really serious about your dancing, it's the only way to go.

  If you come as a couple or as a single, this apply's to you. 

  You will have the opportunity to focus on the specific dances or dance styles that interest you. You can also spend extra time working on areas that are more challenging. 

  You will learn how to give clear signals at the correct time as a leader, and become a light and responsive follower.

  You will become more graceful,

smooth and confident. 

  Your technique, posture and timing will improve rapidly. 

  You will also have the opportunity to prepare for showcases, competitions, and other special events. You will achieve goals in your dancing you never thought possible. 

Marin Dancesport



Learn to Dance for just $85

one private lesson for 2, one hour long

During COVID-19 and "Shelter-in-place"

We are offering Private Dance lessons over the internet with Zoom. First lesson 30 minutes is free for new students. To get started please contact us 415-827-6646